Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gaborik Rumours

RDS Playing Eklund This Time

In a story that smacks of insincerity, RDS is claiming they have the inside track on negotiations between Bob Gainey and Doug Riseborough.

Since when do we hear about tight-lipped Gainey's dealings? Ditto Riseborough?

The trade makes a lot of sense to Canadiens fans and not much anyone else. It's the old Eklund technique - tell em what they want to hear...

So, for the sake of amusing ourselves, let's give them credit and say it's true. Does anyone else feel queasy about the alleged trade?

Our bargain basement 25 goalscorer and back-up (super-efficient) goalie, and a first round pick (I couldn't care less about a 29th pick...) for Marian Gaborik?

Gaborik is a huge star. He is a huge talent. But do we really bet on Carey Price all the way again? No matter how many scoring lines we have? Plus, pay Gaborik what he's asking and that's the end of Kovalev in Montreal. Both 80+ point men last year, but $3 million apart in what could be tight times for NHL salaries coming up.

I'm overreacting obviously. My reservation is mostly about Halak. If we could pry Harding out as well, then we could be talking. Gosh, rumours are fun.

What do you all think?

Go Habs Go.

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