Monday, October 27, 2008

Politics And Hockey

Apparently They Mix...

How many times have I heard the argument ending "Don't mix politics and sports" when trying to make some analogy for my argument.

I understand the sentiment. I do. But even though I would like to keep discussions on this blog of mine apolitical, this story was just too cool to pass up:

Apparently, if you play NHL 09 online, you will be seeing live ads for Barack Obama. Whoa!

I've worked in advertising. Back when I was doing that, we thought it was pretty cool to have an ad on a bus shelter. I've seen the evolution of online marketing – some I like, some I detest.

I can't say I really feel one way or the other about whether the ads in my game were preselected Coke and McDonald's ones or real-time Obama ones, but I just think it is a big leap forward in advertising and also in the way online gaming can penetrate into our real lives.

Check out the link, it's a curiosity if nothing else.

Incidentally, for those who weren't aware, NHL 09 is worth buying even if you're not a fan of marketing, the Democratic party or Dion Phaneuf. It has a collection of Canadiens legends that you can use to play against current NHL opposition. I wonder if they all have flat stick blades...

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