Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Well Done Jaroslav

Thirteen months too late?Jaroslav Halak played in a pressure-cooker situation for the Montreal Canadiens.

Whether it's late or not. Whether he should have been given his chance last night or not. Tobalev asked whether anyone has considered the possibility that Halak could be better than Price. We touched on this in January as well.

Regardless of what Carbonneau decides, all that is important today is that we must tip our hats to the young man, who generally is not allowed to be described as young, talented, mature, successful in the AHL for fear that it might upset the applecart. However, I will leave the debates on positives of two excellent prospects for a quiet day in the summer...

For now, we should all recognise what a brilliant job Jaroslav Halak did last night for the Canadiens. He stepped into a game situation for the first time in a month. For the 5th time since he became number 2, and for only the 7th time this season.

For the third time in 7 appearances, he has left nothing wanting, no goals behind him. He made the critical difficult save that Carey could not on the night. He got his team believing again in one pad sweep.

He has been the model of patience and professionalism. He has shown great maturity. He has been the perfect backup.

Well done Jaroslav. And thanks for giving me something to be happy about this morning.

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