Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Friendly Jab Back

Goodness knows how any Habs fan found this article.

I know that many Canadiens fans are sometimes a bit arrogant and find it hard to laugh about themselves, but this is slipping to new lows:

Reading the Toronto Sun!

Even if you found the article, I'd be surprised if you could get to the end of the article without taking a break. Apparently, writing in paragraphs is not a requirement for people with penned-up anger for everything from the Canadiens to the Liberal party. It is a tiring read, with plenty of thoughts coming as if from nowhere, only to be ushered out again before any meaningful explanation or evidence is given. Of course, the piece was never meant to do anything more than pander to the readers who probably have many more reasons to hate Habs fans, most of them better formulated than those listed.

You might ask: Isn't responding just giving petulant columnists like Strobel more ammunition?

Firstly, I may be whiny, but I'm not arrogant. The man has a job as a sports writer. he's not seeking out little Habs blogs to see how amateur hockey writers react to his pieces. If he did read it, I'd be flattered.

But, honestly I couldn't leave this quote alone, could I?

Then there's Boom Boom Geoffrion.

What kind of fans, outside a strip joint, call their stars Boom Boom? Or the Rocket. Or the Pocket Rocket. Or The Flower. Or Big Bird. Or St. Patrick. Or Gump.

Leafs fans never do that. We just add "er" or "y" to everyone's name. As in Caber, Steener, Matt-y, Arm-y, Ponikarovsky.

Matt-y? Is this guy for real?

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