Friday, April 25, 2008

Eyes For The Flyers

Quite a game. Interesting – to say the least.

Tobalev will be coming through with his full review of the game soon, as real-life got in the way of his journalist hobby on this very rare occasion.

On one hand, the game was a low quality affair. Two of the Flyers goals were poor quality. The Kovalev bunt was questionable. On the other hand, it was just what the Canadiens needed – in some ways a wake up call, in other ways a chance to prove to themselves that they could come back after losing all the games where they were scored against first the past two weeks.

Still brimming with that ecstatic buzz you get from watching your team tie and win the game in an 80 second span, I decided to watch the opposing teams interviews from the post-game scrum.

Now, can someone explain to me how the Flyers players and coach to a man thought they vastly outplayed the Habs, but were victims of extremely bad luck?

John Stevens did his best Jose Mourinho impression, complaining at length about the Kovalev goal.

(Admittedly, to an untrained eye, it did look like Kovalev may have touched the puck above the crossbar. However, the video judges holed up in Toronto must surely have access to more cameras and stop-start technology than RDS provides on its broadcast. I will give them the benefit of the doubt on that decision – especially considering they err on the side of no-goal in situations with doubt)

More cock-eyed vision, as he then had a good go about the bad luck they had with Jeff Carter's broken stick. Fair enough, but John, you did get a goal off our defender and another off an "accidental" deflection off a skate. You weren't hard too hard done by on the luck front. What's more, Jeff Carter hardly missed his stick as Kovalev scored right off the faceoff.

You want lucky John? How about even being in the second round after that travesty of a goal that got you here? Or playing a coach who continues to stick with Dandenault and Brisebois beyond all reason?

My favourite interview, though, had to be Martin Biron who complains ad nauseum about the Kovalev goal which he could not possibly have seen – his back was turned.

Posturing to the extreme. If you think a playoff series is 7 games, you are forgetting the games that go on between the hockey. Stevens and Biron trying to influence the refs for future games, no doubt. All part of the game.

As for their talent for objective analysis – I would recommend take another look.

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