Thursday, September 13, 2007

10 Questions

Pierre Durocher of the Journal de Montreal had 10 burning questions today about the upcoming season for the Habs. I wanted to take a look at his answers and give mine:

1) Is Carey Price ready for the NHL?

Durocher's answer: Yes.

My answer: Yes.

In my opinion, this was never the question. It should have been: Is Carey Price going to have a good enough camp to unseat two pretty good goalies in Huet and Halak?

2) How will the PP be without Souray's slapper?

Durocher's answer: Worse.

My answer: Worse.

I think, that Souray had a once-in-a-lifetime year last year. Even with him back, we would have slipped. Plus everyone knew our tricks. Hopefully, we have some more. Remember that Malakhov pass that used to work so well?

3) Who will fill the leadership void left by Rivet and Souray?

Durocher's answer: Higgins and Komisarek.

My answer: Hamrlik and Smolinski.

4) Is it a crucial season for Koivu?

Durocher's answer: Yes.

My answer: Yes.

They all are. But Koivu wants to see the team improve, and may get antsy if 13th place is on the horizon.

5) Where will Brisebois fit in?

Durocher's answer: 4th to 7th defenseman.

My answer: 7th defenseman who is slowly worked out of the team over time.

I can't see him sustaining a level worth a place for very long. Our defense is not full of Traverses and Laflammes anymore.

6) Who will play with Hamrlik?

Durocher's answer: Could be anyone.

My answer: Streit.

7) WWill Carbonneau be able to get Kovalev back on track?

Durocher's answer: Hopes so.

My answer: Won't have anything to do with Carbonneau, everything to do with Alex.

He has pride, and it was injured. I think he comes back.

8) Who will Smolinski's wingers be?

Durocher's answer: Begin and Kostopoulos. Possibly Kostitsyn.

My answer: Kovalev and Lahti.

9) What will the next controversy with the club be?

Durocher's answer: Kovalev or Dandenault ask for a trade.

My answer: Brisebois refuses to report to Hamilton.

10) Where will the Canadiens finish th e season?

Durocher's answer: 11th or worse.

My answer: 6th or better.

We will beat Buffalo at their own game this time around.

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  1. Serious otimist Topham! 6th or better! We'll see...