Friday, September 28, 2007

Briefest of season previews

I had a big plan. Honest.

But, once preseason started and every topic was discussed and rediscussed for a couple of weeks, it seemed like a season preview would be repetitive and unnecessary.

If you want a good preview of the players on the Habs, try Four Habs Fans

If you want a division by division deal, and who that prognosticator would have finishing in the playoffs, TSN did a good job, even if they did get the results wrong.

As for me, I'll say this...

... I like this year's team better than last year's. I like the way we stuck to building from within (though we came awfully close to derailing the whole process with the Briere fiasco).

I think it means we will make the playoffs. More specifically, I think the Canadiens will get 96 points to 100 points this season. That's playoff material based on the past few years, barring an eastern conference OT loss binge of Floridian proportions. In fact, it should mean we get in without that Toronto game meaning anything (take that schedule makers!).

I'd tell you where the wins will come from, but I said it'd be short.

From what I've seen we have caught up to the Senators to play games with them now, we beat the Sabers regularly enough, the Bruins we love to play, and the Leafs, well we'll probably get 8 points from 8 games there.

Ouside the division, I think we take majority points from Atlanta, Washington, Islanders, Philadelphia and Tampa Bay. Splits are available with New Jersey, Florida and thanks to the new rivalry Pittsburgh. Carolina and Rangers still like playing us a bit too much for big points harvests there.

Then in the West, we miss goalie central and Canadian match-ups so should catch some teams sleeping to at least even out there. Throw in a few OT losses and we have 96+.

Sounds easy, too bad all the other teams think they can pull the same trick.

Coutdown to 96 is on...

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  1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but put New Jersey with the likes of Carolina and NY. In fact, if the latter 2 love to play us, New Jersey actually circles our match-ups on the calendar and just can't wait for those 8 gimme-points against us. Don't give me BS like the fact that Gomez and Rafalski are gone, that team still has the System and will mop the floor with our asses.

    That puts us at 92, same as last year (give or take a point)