Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Chink in Price's armour

More from the insanely overdone coverage of a game that is already on TV:

Price evaluated his performance as "7 or 8" on a scale of 10.
"I don't really have any regrets," Price added. "You can always play better, but I felt comfortable.
"I made some good saves, but they capitalized on their chances. For giving up three goals, I thought I played pretty well," Price concluded. "I wouldn't change a lot."

I'm afraid this tells me something I didn't want to know about Carey Price: He is no Patrick Roy, at least not yet...

An athlete striving to be the best at what he does should accept nothing less than the best. This is what makes the best stand apart from the also-rans.

No regrets??? How about playing better, like you said in your next statement?

I'm sorry, but an 8 is reserved for a near perfect performance, especially in a self assessment.

Even in a great playoff win, a great athlete will know things that he did wrong but got away with. In this case, we all saw what Carey did not get away with. 3 goals in 30 minutes should elicit a little bit of self-examination, especially when you're trying out to make a team.

I would say this quote alone indicates that the boy has a lot to learn. First and foremost, don't buy into your own hype...

The good news is that this stuff can be learned. And modest, well-spoken and all-star goalies go a long way to helping you figure it out...

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