Thursday, September 20, 2007

Do you think it'll ever get this sad for us?

So, I was browsing the Atlanta Thrashers website to see if my pool rookie, Bryan Little, has any shot at all of making the team, and more importantly Kovalchuk's line. The site then did some reloading and story 2 came up. Whoa.

"Be there when the banner is raised" it said.

Did I miss a year of hockey or something? Since when did Atlanta win the Stanley Cup?

Oh wait, nowadays people raise banners for just making the final, maybe they did that?

No, President's trophy?

Retiring an Atlanta Flames number?

No. turns out it was this:

On opening night, Oct. 5 vs. Washington, the Thrashers will kick-off the regular season in style with a banner-raising ceremony honoring last year's Southeast Division Championship. It's a game you won't want to miss!

Oh, the division championship. You beat all 4 other teams in the Southeast for the first time in 8 years. Great work!

Nevermind that you looked like winning the conference for a few months, nearly missed the playoffs then got swept by the 6th place team. You beat Florida and Washington, and Carolina and Tampa Bay.

Admittedly, Tampa and Carolina had won 2 of the past three Cups, but I have news for you Atlanta, they didn't raise division champ banners those seasons.

Does anyone think it will ever be this dire for the Habs. I mean, let's be honest, we haven't been top of the division since about 1989. Since that time we've won more cups than division titles. It would be a moment to be proud of 2008 Northeast division champs. Or how about: "2008: Qualified for the playoffs".

Maybe it is time we raise a few more banners. If we did it retroactively we could close the blue seats to make room for them, or just forget TV coverage with all the banners draping over the ice. On the same line of achievement, we could retire every number worn by a 40 goal scorer or 80 point getter. Sergei Kostitsyn would look better in 174 anyway...

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