Friday, February 08, 2013

You Win Some, You Lose Some

It has long been a major complaint of mine that referees who make no pittance of a salary for officiating the games we watch (and number far too many on the ice and off) are so inconsistent at their application of NHL rules.

Last night, we had to watch an overtime and a shootout, and a loss, because the pair of referees and goodness knows how many people in Toronto missed Thomas Vanek sweeping our goaltender into the net for a goal (an interference call if there ever was one).

But the only response to this is to shrug. These bad calls happen. mainly because of silly practices like preferring the call made on the ice (even when clearly in error) to a review. The refs are mediocre at their job, it has to be accepted.

Besides, Habs fans must take a good look around and understand that luck and calls must go both ways, and this isn't the Serie A, and Berlusconi isn't our owner.

Just a few games ago, the Habs avoided a tie in regulation when a goal was dubiously called back. Ottawa still has a complaint, and Buffalo should calm their smugness. But Habs fans, we have balance here and should accept the karmic balance.

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