Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A New Header For LiW

We've heard it before and we're hearing it again, the readers are speaking and telling us that our "classic" PPT made header from the mid part of last decade is starting to look out of date.

On the suggestion of the readers, we are beginning a redesign. On the suggestion of Tobalev, we are opening the floor to creative parties among the readership who have better talents than us for this sort of design.

Submit your concepts

At this stage we have a clean slate. What we are asking interested parties to submit is a concept or completed header to stretch across the top of the site as the title bar. Based on what we receive and how it combines with our own ideas, we'd then select the idea we like and work with that individual to finalize the design.

What are the parameters?

Well, we'd probably like to make the template wider, so a header with a width of 1200 pixels would be a starting point. The height of the banner shouldn't have it stretching across half a page on a the browser.

You know the name of the site and maybe the style of the writing, so those could be taken into account. The colour palate may include the colours of the team we write about.

The resolution of the picture has been a complaint, so something to consider for us with anything we do going forward.

There have been complaints about the players depicted. But to be honest, we've never considered this to be an issue. We care about the history of the team just about as much as the present, and that's why a player that made such an impression on us like Koivu would always be a fit. The same could be said for many historical Habs, though we'd probably draw a line well before we use a picture of Rejean Houle.

What's in it for you? The satisfaction of coming to a website you can say you designed the entry visuals for. The byproduct is that we can continue to concentrate on writing the articles you like. Obviously if we choose to work together on a design, the details of an arrangement could be worked out at that point. We will not be using anyone's work without their permission.

Those who are interested, please submit the ideas to us at

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