Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Your New Betts Friend

You know this is the absolute peak of Habs fan excitement and anticipation, hours away from a game that makes a putrid Stanley Cup playoffs (wrong champs) irrelevant again. Fans have been very excited about the waiver wire moves.

What happened today was that Pierre Gauthier took an honest look at his prospects and admitted none was quite ready, turned around and saw Blair Betts sitting on waivers only to claim him.

The waiver wire pick up was not an indictment of Engqvist or Palushaj, they did that to themselves with their play. It's just a simple little addition that means we fans can expect a more honed game from a 4th liner.

The news of the addition did little to stir my own emotions. If that feeling wasn't indifference then I'm not sure what it was. Betts is big sure, but he's pretty one dimensional. I mean we're getting some pretty straight forward hockey here.

The good news is that 4th liners shouldn't stir the emotions. That line will hopefully be made up with guys everyone is comfortable with leaving off the ice for 51 minutes a night. What's more, Betts himself does have some intrigue about him. He played in 23 Stanley Cup playoff games about 16 months ago (that has to mean something) and he usually scores more goals than Gomez did last season.

No he's not Dominic Moore, but that ship has now sailed. He's no Engqvist either you know.

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