Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Best Outcome Possible:

A Handshake

A game that people are drooling over for many of the wrong reasons. Not because of the chance to score more goals than the team that edged the Habs in OT of game #7 last April, but as some sort of revenge.

After the Chara hit on Pacioretty last season, two things happened rather quickly: Chara apologized and Pacioretty accepted.

In my experience forgiveness is a powerful thing, and even watching others demonstrate forgiveness has power beyond so many other aspects of life.

In my best case scenario, I look forward to seeing Chara go out of his way to find Max Pacioretty this evening and offer his hand and that apology reiterated. he did after all break his neck. I want Don Cherry to squirm as he prattles on about never showing weakness by apologizing or accepting them from your arch-rivals.

Of course, after the handshake I hope Pacioretty finds a great time to turn on the jets and beat Chara around the outside and end that play the way it should have ended the first time -- with another goal. And with a win that leads to a 3-month spiral for the Bruins. Then a series of trades that hobbles them for long enough to stop the nightmares of that horrible June night happening again.

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