Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Ranking Prospects: By Committee

In my last post, I went charging full steam at some prospect ranking processes I didn't like. You'd think I'd be wise enough then to stay out of the prospect ranking game.

Think again. As I said, take the results with a grain or two of salt, but the fact remains ranking prospects is a fun sport for summertime.

The prospect ranking that I allude to here is the current Top 25 countdown of players aged 25 or under within the Canadiens system. The guys at Eyes on the Prize put in all the effort to gather opinion, compile and make some nice informative posts with snazzy graphics. I participated, but only by virtue of giving my two cents on the list.

From the looks of it, Habs Eyevs on the Prize will be releasing a profile each day until the 25 names are through. I suggest you take a look now and in the next couple of weeks as the bottom of this heap is where the least known prospects reside.

My plan is to read and watch.

Because I have my own list and the consensus list, I also plan to do a few highlights on players that I ranked much higher or much lower with some explanation as to my reasoning. My profiles, of course, following on from their profiles, so the thunder is not stolen from its rightful holders.

Until then, take it in. Save up some of your own ideas/grievances, and we can have a full on battle of philosophies when the time comes...

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