Friday, June 17, 2011

Hard-Learned Lessons For Draft Day

Things that I hope the Canadiens have learned about drafting over the past decade:

1) Being more mature 18 isn’t an advantage at age 23

2) Being a defensive forward in junior means a guy doesn’t have the skill to score on junior goalies. Chances you want this guy on your pro team … he’d better play some kinda special defence

3) Defensive defenders come from everywhere. No need to try and find on in the first round.

4) As much as you’d like to trade for St. Louis, Staal, Perry, Ovechkin, Crosby, Sedins, you can’t. Constantly passing on scorers likely means you could end up without any.

5) While the NCAA is nice to bury a player outside the budget, one only needs to take a look at Komisarek’s regular National team duty to know that USA isn’t pumping out the cream of the defensive crop.

6) Better to get 2 players in the top 60 than one after the first 10 pass.

7) Russia hasn’t forgotten how to play hockey just because they’ve forgotten how to sign on to IIHF transfer agreements.

8) If the NHL can’t even reconcile how to mix North American and European players from the same positions together into one list, how do you expect to judge a player’s NHL value against high school opponents in Massachusetts?

9) Organizational needs on the day won’t be organizational needs when the player ripens.

10) OHL is not a dirty word.

11) BCHL stands for Below CHL.

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