Saturday, April 16, 2011

Game #1-1

Habs & Bruins Summaries

Because it's playoff time, I think we need to look at more than just goals and assists. Here are the extended summaries for both the Habs and Bruins.

Montreal Canadiens

Despite what looked like a serial bombardment, no one actually comes out looking too badly. It's worth noting Plekanec had a heck of a game if he came out on top of Fenwick, since he was on the ice for plenty of possession against - this means he was on for plenty of blocked shots and shots for.

Boston Bruins

Most informative for the Bruins is the colouration of Fenwick and Ch +/-. they do not match. This largely shows what we all saw - that Boston had lots of shots and missed shots, but not that many chances. Kaberle was a particular standout in getting the balance wrong as he outshot the Habs, but got quite badly outchanced. They ;ll know this now, but will they be able to correct?

Thanks is due to for tracking so many things and to Olivier at En Attendant le Nordiques who diligently tracks scoring chances for and against to share with all Canadiens fans.

GP: Game played
G: Goals
A: Assists
P: Points
PM: [Goals for (ES + SH)] - [goals against (ES + PP)], aka plus/minus
Ch +/-: [Chances for] - [chances against] at ES
Fenwick: [Shots on and off net for] - [Shots on and off net against] at ES
Corsi: [Shots on and off net for + those blocked] - [Shots on and off net against + blocked shots] at ES

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