Friday, April 29, 2011

Boston Feel The Need To Justify Their Play

I wanted to write this piece, but Dave Stubbs did it first.

It seems the fans of Boston have a bit of a complex and they need to turn to the sad practice of unfounded accusation to assuage it. An easier fix might be to jettison the Neanderthals they employ throughout their organization.

Worth following Round 2

I remarked yesterday, and I'll reiterate, that it will be worth following Boston in Round 2. Because they are facing the Flyers, a dirtier and more effective version of themselves, they will be cast into the little man role.

If nothing else, it will entertain us to hear the hypocrisy that's only hours away as the Boston organization and its lobotomised radio and TV crews once again become the defenders of the concussed.

Their hypocrisy and own dishonourable behaviour (all telling flat faced lies about not seeing hits, gentlemanly intentions) is almost enough to make you want them lose. The you remember Philadelphia, the team that explores new depths of disgusting every Mike Richards shift and you think twice.

Hey, at least one team we despise will be sent home with their bravado and bluster in a couple of weeks time.

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