Monday, March 07, 2011

New Point of View

It's really only well after you've create a monster like Lions in Winter that you begin to realise the appetite the site has for time, energy and original ideas.

To help fill these demands and to help the site thrive, we've been lucky enough to add a new contributor: Ian Vitro.

Ian Vitro is a long-time reader and frequent commenter for this site, both on- and offline:
Born and raised over the Ontario border, a father from Montreal instilled good values - like a great love for hockey in general and the Habs in particular. Old enough to have fond memories of our last Cup run, but young enough to have had to fight to stay up and watch the games in LA. Likes the Habs and malt whisky; hates just about everything else.

His opinions are strong and well-founded, just the way we like them. We think that together this now three-headed blog will continue to generate new ideas and views to challenge the mainstream and stimulate the always vigorous discussion.

Expect his first piece today.

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