Thursday, March 10, 2011

Halak Stats That Will Surprise You

Halak's coming home.

We're not finished discussing Pacioretty and the NHL, but I thought you might still like to see some wacky stats.

What the mainstream journalists will tell you is that Halak is having a bad season (we accept that being below average is being below average this year) with a 0.907 save percentage and a pretty high GAA.

What they'll tell you is how far he and Carey Price are apart in form and stature.

It's all verifiable. But remember there's many ways to get to a 0.907 save percentage, just as there are many to get to a 0.939 save percentage. Because of that the two players actually have some numbers that bear quite a resemblance, and these are the fun ones to consider:

1) First period stats

Price (up to game 66): 2.13, 0.929
Halak: 2.02, 0.921

Both pretty good. You wouldn't turn either set away.

2) Shorthanded numbers

Price (up to game 66): 6.44, 0.877
Halak: 6.56, 0.877

Couldn't be much closer, both meshing well with their PK units.

3) Starting games

Price (up to game 66): 12.02 saves before the first goal, 23:26 before first goal
Halak: 11.58 saves before the first goal, 24:42 before first goal

Both have been excellent at starting games and in being prepared for games. This is a continuation of a trend for Halak and is the single biggest turnaround for Price.

INteresting to see where they converge. Halak has been largely as good as Carey to start games. This should point to a goaltending duel that lasts until the ice is cracked about 5 minutes into the second (on average).

Where they diverge most:

1) Third period stats

Price (up to game 66): 2.20, 0.917
Halak: 2.85, 0.896

2) Even strength numbers

Price (up to game 66): 2.03, 0.931
Halak: 2.40, 0.915

Halak is OK (actually below what you'd want) to Price's excellent here.

3) Finishing games

Price (up to game 66): 0.922 after he has been scored on in a game
Halak: 0.902 after he has been scored on in a game

I think this is Halak's biggest drop off. he used to be like clockwork with his save percentage, same all the time, any situation. Now he seems to melt under pressure. Haven't watched him, but this number speaks to that. Price as we can see is Mr. Steady now.

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