Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Montreal Music Ciity

Return Of A Favourite Habs Fan

Was just looking into booking some summer concerts and came upon the news that Sam Roberts and his band have released a new album.

Sam and his band are set to release their new album in May. They are probably hoping it may coincide with some serious Habs playoff action. The first track is quite a departure from what I think of as the Sam Roberts sound. But I think that's a good thing. Like a player in the shootout, or an assitant coach in charge of the PP, you want a musician to get creative and try new things going forward. Anyway, it's good to have him back armed with new music.

Seeing as he's a big Habs fan. I thought it worthy of noting on this Habs blog. You can listen to the first new song if you're interested on the band's website.

Keeping with the musical theme, we're also happy to see that long-time friends the Sonic Avenues have joined the list of LIW followers in the right hand margin. You can check out their music too and concert dates on their MySpace page.

Don't worry, just a little musical interlude. This won't lead to a change in posting patterns. Though we may have cause to ask for Arcade Fire's Wake Up when the Habs take to the ice on Saturday if they put up a sleepy effort like they did last night when they visit Boston.

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