Thursday, December 02, 2010

Game #26

Boring Devils Hockey Takes on a Whole New Meaning


Date: 2/12/2010
Opponent: Devils
Location: New Jersey

Win: 5-1

Habs Goalie: Price (W)
Opposition Goalie: Hedberg (L), McKenna

Habs goalscorers: Gionta, Eller, Pyatt, Gomez, Pouliot
Opposition goalscorers: Arnott

Play of the game

For pure beauty, I really loved Gomez's goal. It wasn't an important goal, but, pound for pound, it was the nicest play on the night. The goal came on the PP when we were already up by three. Showing the effort that we were at that time, however, was nice to see. I think that the Habs wanted to make sure that they didn't go to sleep tonight as they did last night. The play all started with a great play by Hamrlik at the blue-line. He did very well to hold the puck in and to exploit the stickless Langenbrunner. Cammalleri contributed by feeding the point and Weber did his part by turning that pass into a very good shot. Darche, who was again in front of the net, did a good job of distracting McKenna and then Gomez finished the job with ease. It was a great team effort in which every player played a part. It actually makes you question the two assist rule as so many assists that are presently awarded are far less crucial to the end result.

Dome hockey team

The 6 players we're playing in a no changes, do or die contest in the dome

Scott Gomez
Scott probably should have had two or three goals tonight, but that is what I find so great. He managed to score one and seemed to be in the right spot on so many other occasions. I felt that he was on last night and that it only got better tonight. If he had a second winger I think that our second line would be one worth watching each and every shift.

Lars Eller
Lars played a nice game, but his big moment was the goal that he created all alone. The wrap-around effort ended up being the game-winner and ended Hedberg's night. He is another player that is coming on as of late and I am enjoying the ride. Darche and Pouliot are complementing him well and I do hope that we keep that line in tact.

Michael Cammalleri
Mike was part of our best duo tonight, but, thanks to Moen, we must only call it that. In all he had five shots and a virtual assist. I was actually surprised that he didn't score as he was on and Jersey were clearly off.


Roman Hamrlik - Game Puck
Another very good game from Hammer. He has been overshadowed by Price and Plekanec, but when you think about it he has really been one of our top five players all year long. He has limited the amount of mistakes he makes and, when he doesmake one, has earned the trust of Spacek who does a nice job cleaning up. Tonight Roman had two real assists, but, on Gomez's goal was the main reason that the puck ended up going in the net. With 56 games to play I just hope that he stays healthy, rested and fit; if so, we are in good hands.

Yannick Weber
Weber has given Martin something to think about. I don't think that he should be in instead of Subban, but I could see him stealing Picard's spot while Markov is out. He has the shot that we need on the PP (tonight he took 6) as PK, despite the wind-up and velocity, can't really shoot. Even Spacek, who looked good last night, isn't in the same league. I was happy that Weber got a point, but would be happier if he plays on Saturday.


Carey Price
Some bad puck-handling moments early on were all that bothered me tonight. Otherwise, he played a solid, mistake free game. It was a shame that he didn't get the shutout, but who really cares as a win is a win and that is exactly what Carey gives us the chance to do each and every night. In fact, in 24 starts, he hasn't had a terrible game and I can't even remember a bad one.


Poor old New Jersey, they just aren't a very good team. They have some names, but seem to be missing the depth that they once had. Beyond their top two 'scoring' lines they don't have those shut-down players that they once boasted. Their defence is average at best and without Brodeur they really stand no chance. Now, I wouldn't count them out just yet though. Lou won't let the season go, so I am sure that the required coaches and players will be in place before too long as New Jersey will still want to make the playoffs. Unfortunately tonight was more a case of the Devils being bad than us being good. We didn't play badly, but I can't say that it was one of our better games. I can't, however, pick out any negatives as we were never tested all game long. It is, therefore on to San Jose, at home, who will be a good match-up for us as they are another team that you should never count out. I am, however, more focused on us and am hoping that I will see more good stuff from Gomez and Eller in particular.

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