Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Game #25

Rookie Mistakes Cost Habs an Easy Win


Date: 1/12/2010
Opponent: Oilers
Location: Montreal

Loss: 3-4

Habs Goalie: Price (L)
Opposition Goalie: Dubnyk (W)

Habs goalscorers: Gomez, Darche, Hamrlik
Opposition goalscorers: Foster, Hemsky, Gagner, Penner

Play of the game

The play of the game was a goal that should have really sealed it for us. Unfortunately, however, I think the players went to sleep after it. I thought that this goal was a really great individual effort by Pouliot who did very well in Edmonton's corner to fake-out a couple of Oilers and then throw the puck towards the net. The puck ended up on Hamer's stick inadvertently, but I really liked the intent and conviction that Ben showed. Roman made no mistake and, very nicely, finished the job.

Dome hockey team

The 6 players we're playing in a no changes, do or die contest in the dome

Matieu Darche
Darche was instrumental on two separate PP goals as he went to the net and caused confusion both times. He picked up assists on both goals, but, I felt, deserved some extra credit. I really like using him when we are up a man and am happy that he is making the most of his opportunities.

Tomas Plekanec
Tom was our best centre tonight, but I did think that it was close. Gomez played a better game than usual (which included a goal) and Eller was quick all game, but I felt that Pleks was the best one out there. His line was dangerous (especially Kostitsyn early on), but maybe went a bit too quiet, towards the end, for their own good.

Michael Cammalleri
After the play in OT I almost put Andrei in here instead, but I stuck with Camms for a couple of reasons. The first, and main, reason is that he played a strong game as he looked a threat from beginning to end; he very nearly scored in OT. The second reason is that his error in OT was only due to the fact that Subban gave him very, very little to work with. Mike could have done better, but PK, what we're you thinking (x2).


Roman Hamrlik - Game Puck
Hammer's two shots which led to goals were both very well-timed and dangerous. The first was a bomb that caused confusion and, combined with Darche's and Cammalleri's attack, bore fruits. The second, his goal, was a bit lucky, but I really liked how he found that hole and made no mistake when the puck arrived. He was solid in his own end all night too.

Jaroslav Spacek
Jaro had a bad start to the game, but quickly cleaned that up fast. Slow at times, yes, but when given the opportunity to get in position he was quite good against the Oiler attack. What I liked most, however, were his shots from the point. They were hard and accurate and I was a little surprised that one didn't go in. If he keeps shooting like that I am sure that the goals will start coming more regularly.


Carey Price
An off night from Carey is still a good game. Tonight he can't really be blamed, but it was clear that, at times, previously in the season this would have been a win. In fact, this was one of his less good efforts and we still walked away with a point. When you can be in the dome, almost win and play solid throughout most of the game on an off night you know that you have something special going on. Subban will have a lot to answer for as I felt those goals were more his mistake than anyone's (the last two), but a loss to Edmonton isn't the end of the world; just more reason to win tomorrow.


You never want to lose a game that you are winning by two and you never want to lose to a team like the Oilers, but stuff like that happens and it is OK. The Habs actually played a more open game tonight and that may have been how the Oilers found a way back in. It certainly made for exciting end-to-end hockey, so I can't say that I am all that disappointed. The Oilers have good players and, with a bit of luck (or poorly timed plays by our D), can be quite the group. So, take this game for what it is, a tie, and move on to tomorrow. We have New Jersey and San Jose in the next 64 hours and I think that at least two points from those games is imperative. If we play like we did tonight (or have been doing all year) then I don't see that being a problem, especially if we play a full 60 minutes of smart-thinking hockey.

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