Thursday, September 02, 2010

Softened Stance

You know, there are times I marvel at this internet age. Not only am I able to have all the work from columnists I enjoy sent to a single page to check, but I can also keep it on record for future reference.

Occasionally, like today, it makes for amusing double takes.

Part of my morning reading this morning was an article posted to the Gazette website from Pat Hickey. Now I like Hickey because he's familiar and he does a good job at treating stories. But it could hardly be said that I read his views to be stunned or bowled over. Rarely one to spout a controversial headline, he likes to report what he sees without too much spin (or so it seems to me).

However, in this morning's opinion piece, he seemed to go out on a limb (by his standards) as he injected that little bit of cynicism and aggression into his column and his headline.

The piece he wrote was originally sent to me under the tile of:
"Price must prove he's the man"

What followed was a brief column about Carey Price's alleged salary demands and a suggestion that he get back in his box as far as wage demands are concerned.

You can still read the piece here (for now). But as well as being housed on that link, the bulk of the column (and the one that is accessible from the Gazette website) now comes under a different title:
"Price's agent denied reported 'strike'"

I don't know the inner workings of the Gazette, nor who had the word on tweaking the header. But it seems to happen often enough. This time just seemed like it was worth mentioning; both because Hickey doesn't usually challenge players in his headlines with words like "must" and the fact that the piece, despite containing the important news of a denial, contains nothing to do with a denial, only the original challenge to Price.

Just thought I'd share that. I'm sure you'll all be glad when summer and holdouts finally end...

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