Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Habs Sign Jeff Halpern

Jeff Halpern, henceforth known as the right-handed Dominic Moore or the younger/taller Metropolit was the signing of the day for Pierre Gauthier.So expendable were these previous two after their respective playoff and PP success stories that they weren't offered a sniff of a contract in July.

Now it turns out Gauthier needs a player just like the aforementioned Moore or Metropolit, but instead of retaining a player with affinity for and chemistry with the current squad he must add from outside. Of course, this all relates to other signings, namely that of Carey Price. It shouldn't be seen as mere coincidence that Gauthier adds a contract a few days after completing the negotiation with his goalie. Moore and Metro are more victims of the organizations uncertainty on being able to keep Carey's price tag down as anything else.

Will Halpern play in the minor leagues?

An interesting question at this point is whether Jeff Halpern would be willing to play in Hamilton or not. I think the answer to that question one way or the other changes the optics to this signing a great deal.

If he is willing, his addition means we have a flexible option to play wherever he and others fit into the scheme of things after training camp. If Halpern is on a one-way agreement in Montreal, with ideas of playing in the NHL and NHL only, then his signing is a little bit perplexing.

The Canadiens already own 3 NHL centres in Plekanec, Gomez and Lapierre and looked poised to trust at least one of Dustin Boyd or Lars Eller with another place, if not Ben Maxwell or other prospects. If Halpern gums up the gears, it means one less place for a youngster on a team that already has veterans throughout. It seems a little like a playoff addition made 6 months early in this regard

I would only guess that Halpern won't be here to play for the Bulldogs, but what that means in real terms is that Mathieu Darche's relaunch may be short-lived and the openings that may have been there for outsiders like Maxwell and Desharnais are all but closed.

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