Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Habs Take To Our TVs

2010-11 Season Begins

An interesting game to watch (and not watch at times). Overall it was good to see the team back in action.

I'm happy to tell you I took my own advice for this game. Score? Was there one? I tried to watch players I hadn't seen before and look for improvement in those I was familiar with. I won't give a full report by any means, but I have a few notes:

Pouliot is trying to deliver on promises
He didn't score, but I thought he tried. He was energetic and importantly he shot the puck (when he could find it). His highlight came early when he saw a seam and drove with a wicked backhand and ending on the post.

Palushaj will try all night long

Aaron tries and tries, but I fear the St. Louis scouts who let him go for lack of finishing touch may have been right. But while he may never be a top-liner, he's an instant improvement on D'Agostini as a checking player and could be a good complement over the years to guys like Pyatt.

Tinordi was a good pick

Genuine surprise of the night was Tinordi's poise. I don't think Fischer ever showed this. Tinordi looked a rookie, but a rookie with a future.

Bergeron would be a great Hab
We hear about most every other French Canadian coming to Montreal. Seldom do I hear about Bergeron. But he's a good good player and he showed his quality tonight.

Gill's game is post-season
Someone else said it. You could see it every time he was on the ice for this end to end contest. Gill thrives in tight checking games with no whistles. Exhibition season is never going to flatter his talents. He did alright, but at times creaked.

Maxwell realized
Palushaj was on everyone's tongues. That's right as he played a full game. But Ben Maxwell was more impressive at times than Palushaj, and he grew into the game. If I had written this in the first intermission, it would have been about Maxwell missing the boat. I'm pleased to say he made it in time for boarding, maybe even avoided a cut or two in the end.

Some out of depth for the moment
Not yet for Dumont, St. Denis, Weber. If the Habs played Boston 82 times, Conboy would be an asset. But they don't.

Your thoughts welcome...

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