Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Score Playoff Predictions

As part of the Score Sports Federation, I was asked to submit my picks for the playoffs to a little pool they have going between bloggers and "experts".

The bloggers think they know best, while the staff at the Score, no doubt think they do. As a frequent loser of these types of pools, I can tell you I don't know what will happen, but I am sure of a few things: No team is safe, no series is over yet and no "expert" knows any different than me when it comes to the future.

Anyway, thought you'd like to know my picks:

Habs over Bruins in 7
A given that I pick the good guys here.

Capitals over Rangers in 6
Having watched Lundqvist a few times recently, I don't think he's enough to save this Rangers team.

Hurricanes over Devils in 7
The Eric/ks have put it together. And I like all the moves they've made for a while. Plus the Devils used a lot of luck up this season already.

Penguins over Flyers in 6
The real gems of the drafts vs. the ones Bobby Clarke pumped up.

Anaheim over San Jose in 7
San Jose's worst nightmare from the options. Pronger and Niedermayer can elevate their play after average seasons.

Detroit over Columbus in 6
Detroit may slip, but it shouldn't be against this weak squad.

Canucks over Blues in 5
The easiest match-up of the first round. This is where Sundin pays dividends.

Flames over Hawks in 7
The Blackhawks will be a formidable team one day. The day has not come. Iginla far outmatches anyone they can offer in the playoffs.

The other fun bit is that apparently the bloggers will be thoroughly mocked whenever possible on The Score Hardcore Hockey Talk. I can take it. If half of these picks come through, I'm in good shape, I think - minimal mocking.

Here are the "experts" picks:

In this corner, the Hardcore Hockey Talk Experts:

Steve Kouleas
Al Strachan
Steve Ludzik
Mark Osborne

Notice the similarities...

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