Wednesday, April 08, 2009

68 Is The New 24

Weber Belatedly Replaces Schneider

We have yet to receive our cryptic message, so I can't say for certain that Andrei Markov, Mathieu Schneider or Kirk Muller won't be playing tomorrow night for the Habs. What we have been told is that the Janik experiment has been suspended.

Yannick Weber, man of record PP goals by a Hamilton D, hardest shot in the CHL, will be up to play, well PP. I write he replaces Schneider because he shoots hard and accurately, has a French forename and Markov cannot be replaced.

Back in November, when our PP was bad (if not worse), everyone proposed lots of solutions. I was among those. Given that our situation has descended to nearly that very point (excuse the pun) again, I re-submit to you this article, where the punctuation on the five-point remedy read:
5) Bring up Yannick Weber
Good shot (99.2 mph). Good stride. Is a defenceman (albeit a rookie). He is doing alright down on the farm on the PP. And he did alright up here on the PP during camp.

Still holds true.

Among the other questions that remain:

1) Will Weber play defence at even strength?
2) Will Dandenault still be a forward?
3) Who plays the Markov spot?
4) Will Boston let us win so they won't have to face us?


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