Monday, February 11, 2008

O'Byrne Trying to Make Decisions Easy

Tom Kostopoulos accused of resisting arrest. Ryan O'Byrne accused of stealing a woman's purse. I know it's innocent until proven guilty, but how do you even get accused of stealing a woman's purse if you didn't try something like it?

Mistaken identity? Hmm, lots of other 6'5" 230 pounders around? Pretty unlikely.

This is NBA stuff, NFL stuff. Not the stuff of the most proud hockey franchise in North America.

Incidentally, my second question would be: What were two Habs doing at a night club in the middle of a losing run anyway?

Ryan O'Byrne, a marginal prospect who happens to be big makes the NHL for what would appear to be for good and then celebrates with behaviour like this? A defensive corps that has grown into a winning group in his absence means a slip up like this could well cost him a career in Montreal. Brisebois is primed for a comeback.

Obviously, the first thing to be done here is to wait and try to discover what really happened. If the charges are accurate, the Canadiens will look to past precedents and know they have decisions to make.

However, I think O'Byrne, in particular, should look up Chelios, Chris and Corson, Shayne if he wants to know where the Habs stand on issues like this.

Frankly, if the Habs feel that they want to make a statement by sidelining these irresponsible players, I will be 100% behind them. If they decide to let it blow over, then I will trust their judgment.

It's my feeling that the 8th defenseman and the 12th forward aren't playing with a very strong hand at the moment though.

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