Saturday, February 16, 2008

On Holiday

I have to admit my posts have been a bit scarce the past few weeks. I have been on holiday and will be until March. On holiday in body, but not in spirit from the life of the Habs fan.

Writing from a slow connection in an internet cafe means I can't add much to what Tobalev is doing these days. I will say these few things though:

a) The Habs are in good position. As I said they may slump, but the time they usually realise the playoffs are looming is, well looming. They won't mail too many in from here on in.

b) Taking advantage of teams we like to beat (such as Philly), will decide whether we get home ice or not.

c) The trade deadline should be at least as or less interesting than last year when Josh Gorges was our main acquisition. The Habs position at the moment does not scream Cup contender needing one last upgrade. The sale of players is also off the cards.

Gainey has been a King of the small deal, though. So look for any deals to affect the team in future years, if not this one.

Have a good trade deadline everyone. Let's keep the Habs going towards those valuable 96 points.

Go Habs Go.

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