Monday, July 23, 2007

Trading Kovalev Fallacy

In what apeears to be a flood of illogical trade scenarios, most online Habs fans are dealing Kovalev for anyone and everyone in the league.

These scenarios are mostly wild-eyed, unbalanced, ill-considered suggestions. In addition, they all ignore the first rule of trading:

Don't sell low (aka, don't trade from weakness).

Has Kovalev's value ever been lower? No.

Is there a rush to trade him? No.

If he is to be traded, we should wait until a) he goes on a point streak; or, b) a top team loses their top-line winger to injury. Both would enhance Kovalev's value.

Personally, I am still a fan of his. I believe his skills and play bring way more than points. I believe he benefits the team more than 10 Steve Begins. I believe without him, our team is much weaker, our PP goes from first to 20th or worse. He is the only player who can consistently beat an opponent one-on-one. The only player with top-level stick-handling skills. And, most of all, he cause confusion on the ice by mixing things up.

All you armchair GMs would be sorry if we traded him for a up-the-ice down-the-ice 20-goal winger, I assure you.

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  1. I wouldn't trade AK27 right now either. I think he's a valuable asset for the team BUT he must understand that he can't stickhandle around 3 guys everytime he gets the puck. He's gotta be confident in his linemates and give the puck more often to them.
    Let's hope he has a better season this year and that those trade talks cool down...

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