Monday, July 02, 2007

52 million reasons

Who needs 52 million dollars??

It would be nice, but realistically?

Briere better never pull the "I've always wanted to play for Montreal". Not now, not in 4 years, never. Turning down nthe alleged huge offer strips him of that right.

He unwittingly did the Habs 2 huge favours, so I have no bitterness towards him. First, he didn't sign here and go back to his usual 60-70 point seasons for 7 million a year. Secondly, he placed another millstone around the necks of the Flyers – who might have otherwise presented a long-term threat had their youngsters ever become stars. They've already lost Pitkanen, who should look better than Jason Smith and Lupul this year I think.

More gratitude goes to Captain Canada (World Championship edition) – aka Captain Mostly Never Make the Second (or Any) Playoff Round – who signed elsewhere and didn't bind himself to us for many painful years to come.

Overrated is one thing. can't possibly live up to the cap space they take is another. These two can go on their merry way as far as I'm concerned.

Who will we get? If it's the dregs, let's hope the contract is small or tradeable...

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