Friday, January 25, 2013

Just Stop

The Habs are 2-1, not 22-10.

If you want to hold Therrien's corontation. Stop.

If you think the team doesn't need PK Subban. Stop.

If you're wondering what ever caused you to dislike the Brandon prust signing. Stop.

If you think the Habs goalscoring woes are behind them. Stop.

Now I know good readers, that this is not a problem of yours, but rather that of frequenters of other sites, but it's hard even for the level-headed not to get swept along in the surge of positivity come delusion that follows 4 goals in one period.

The Canadiens have played two very decent games. But please remember, they have yet to score a goal on a decent goaltender. They haven't faced the teams that we all deemed favourites in the East. They haven't overcome a deficit.

One simply cannot pass the judgments on a team that one would very much like to after a mere 180 minutes of pretty wacky hockey.

Fans, take the 4 points and revel in the head start the team has on making the playoffs over those sleeping giants that have yet to win a game. By all means take Raphael Diaz in your pool. But please don't encourage those who write in all seriousness about solving the Habs problems from observing 20 minutes of ice time.

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