Monday, August 13, 2012

More Fodder For Subban

You don't want term, you don't want high contracts? Let me present exhibit Pacioretty.

PK Subban wins on the back of the Pacioretty deal. PK is the better and more valuable player, and though he's had less NHL seasons, he's had as many good ones.

I don't know what to say about the Pacioretty deal. Years of Gainey has me used to short contracts and waiting on RFAs to prove their worth. The risk taken on Max's contract is shared. If he plays every season like the last, he'll wish he didn't sign. If he settles into the pattern of nearly every other Canadiens player who once knew how to score a goal, then the Habs will be counting the days to 2019.

But for PK, this is a win without any risk. ON a short deal, there's little to suggest he'd be worth much less than Pacioretty (so 3.5 is totally within reason now), and the Habs can hardly say they don't like spending to keep players with lesser experience.

But what to think of Bergevin yet again. UNorthodox and a risk taker. I wish he were taking risks on Bobby Ryan, but this salary in a $70 million cap is worth taking. I hope another risk is taken on Subban and he gets his fair due. I suppose it's only a matter of time really, based on what we're seeing here.

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