Thursday, August 09, 2012

A Lot To Fehr

Despite Donald Fehr's arrogant posturing, it appears the NHL will not be willing to play a season without a CBA after all.

September 15th is now a drop dead date for the players to read those 76,000 pages of audit.

I don't have a side to come down on here. Both sides of this arrangement are richly recompensed for either playing or watching a game. Both sides need a solid dose of himility. But then again, both sides are due a proportion of the money we fork over to them to watch this stuff.

I suspect that despite best intentions the gap might not be bridged by the autumnal equinox and that the dates of first game, and ensuing landmarks might be the topic of future news reports.

My pessimism at this point stems from taking the league at face value. Not sure why I'd be doing that, but I am. I also firmly believe that the players feel they want a victory out of this, not another rollback. it doesn't make for a good recipe for early October hockey nights.

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