Sunday, February 20, 2011

Game #60

Habs Have Fun Being Outside, Flames Have Fun Playing Hockey


Date: 20/2/2011
Opponent: Flames
Location: Calgary

Loss: 0-4

Habs Goalie: Price (L)
Opposition Goalie: Kiprusoff (W)

Habs goalscorers: None
Opposition goalscorers: Bourque (2), Babchuk, Tanguay

Play of the game

The play of the game (or the reason I was able to keep watching this display) was that it was outdoors. It was fun and was a nice change, but, sadly, the Habs' play left nothing worth talking about.

Dome hockey team

The 6 players we're playing in a no changes, do or die contest in the dome


Scott Gomez
Scott's line looked better than any of the others and were the only ones that seemed to be generating chances with any consistency. Considering how he has played of late he was the closest player to his normal form (not sure if that is a compliment...).

Travis Moen
He was part of the only line that was close to good tonight. I wish that he wasn't on a scoring line and I wish that he played tough, but I just don't think that it will happen. The rest of team should be ashamed that Travis is on here ahead of them.

Andrei Kostitsyn
Not a good game, better than at least 9 forwards, though. I am hoping that with Cammalleri's return Andrei will be able to find something in his game down the stretch. It is really now or never for his Habs career and I do think that time is running out. Is it fair that one of our best defensive forwards and offensive contributors is in this position? No, of course not, but with the French media taking no time off in their attack on him it is his reality.


James Wisniewski - Game Puck
Why is he getting the Game Puck? Well, I just couldn't think of anyone else and if there was one thing that I was impressed with tonight it was the fact that James played at all. We'll need him over the next few weeks, so he gets recognition for realizing that and playing with a condition that would knock most of us out of desk jobs for at least a week.

Yannick Weber
I only noticed Weber a few times out there, but when I did he seemed to be doing well enough. He played with Mara and I think that that can be a decent partnership. It will be interesting then to see what happens when Spacek is healthy as we all know that Paul wasn't a choice last season or summer over any of PK, Weber, Gill, Hammer or Spacek.


Alex Auld
It would have taken something really special to get a result tonight behind that team, but I am also thinking that had the game been closer towards the end things may have picked up. There were no real horrible goals, but a change, something to get this group going tonight would be what I was looking for. Add that to the fact that we rarely score 5+ goals anymore and it becomes obvious that taking a chance with Auld may have been our only hope.


That was still better than any loss indoors in Alberta would have been, so I can't complain. I do love the concept of a game out in the middle of winter and hope that we can see the Habs play a few more of these over the years. In fact, Molson Stadium would be an ideal venue as its setting on the mountain and at the edge of downtown would make for much more spectacular views than the highways and parking lots of Calgary.

The Habs just didn't have it tonight as it seemed like they weren't really playing hockey. There was no intensity, no fore-check, no hits and no chemistry out there. Calgary played well, but not that well. Had we been focused and ready to go this could have been two points. It is a shame, therefore, that this game did count for points as our team just didn't seem to be too into it. Too worried about the cold? The ice? Injuries? Who knows, but the Flames dealt with it, the old-times dealt with it better and it looked like even the fans dealt with it more effectively than our players. A must-win in Vancouver now awaits. Oh dear.

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