Friday, February 18, 2011

Canadiens Deadline Assets

Votes In On Defence and Goalies

Another big response from readers on this. Thanks again.

Obviously trades from these positions are more difficult given the injury-a-game pace the team is maintaining. Even so, it seems the masses have had enough of Picard and perhaps even Auld (a bit puzzled with that one). The clearest messages are that Subban and Price are strictly "hands off". That's just good sense.

To play the devil's advocate, though. Are we all very very sure that this isn't a high point where cashing in on a player might not bring back a better one?

The only other slight surprise for me was Yannick Weber's near-average vote. Most seem indifferent to him. Perhaps Subban and (hopefully) Markov make him expendable?

Once again, those who haven't voted and still wish to, the poll is still open (I will keep updating the stats, perhaps to publish again closer to the deadline):

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