Friday, October 29, 2010

Markov to Return

They say tomorrow. Who knows, perhaps tonight?

Whatever the case, by the time this weekend is through, the Canadiens will be a team led once again on offence by Andrei Markov.

In preparation, here's a look at some of his more impressive statistics from last season:

Goals per 60 minutes that Andrei Markov was on the ice for last season (top on the Habs)

This number included 3.442 GFON/60 at even strength, 10.383 GFON/60 on the PP, and 0.612 GFON/60 while shorthanded. The ES and PP numbers (the ones that really count) are also top two from the team last year


Goals against per 60 minutes of playing time. Quite a bit less than his offensive output. Hence his +11 number.

Domes per game. Meaning 7 times out of 10 he was one of the top two defenders on the ice for the Habs in his 69 GP. Few to none were disputed.

Goals created per 60 minutes of PP time.4th on the team last season (despite double shifting many PPs). Something we've missed this season.

Minutes of ice time per game. Another thing the team has missed this season.

Even though this team hasn't missed him as much as they might have in the past, his return can't be anything but a boost as he replaces Alexandre Picard at ES, SH and on the PP.

That said, the immediate period following his return might be one of flux as it often is when such major parts come in and out. Hopefully, Markov will find a way to ease in to providing all he can provide without disturbing the successes of players like Plekanec, Price and Kostitsyn.

Then again, as long as the winning continues, who cares if hurts the stats of players who've enjoyed his absence.

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