Monday, October 25, 2010

Carey Can't Shake Last Nemesis

Before this season, Carey price had numerous nemeses, glove side shots, Flyers forwards, the 0 goal game, that young bull in Kelowna and Jaroslav Halak. Most have done all they can over the years to show the young goalie up, to make him question his development.

In vanquishing his rivals one by one, the 0 goal game being the latest (as he picked up the 318th NHL shutout since his last one), he should have felt extreme satisfaction and even pride.

But you know what they say: a man with nemeses must never rest.

Halak won't let it be

Even if all Montreal fans are slowly but surely sliding into the realization that icing Carey Price game after game not such a bad thing at all, the petulant child that is Halak just won't let it go.

Like a big brother spoiling for attention he needs to prove again and again that being older also makes him abler, he seems to have a pathological need to rain on Price's parade. For the Saturday game, he left it mere minutes and then thumbed his nose in doing it.

Carey can barely win an accolade for his first clean sheet in 23 months -- something about the Senators not being a threat. Yet Jaro blanks the Pens, a team he could shutout in his sleep it seems, and comes home with leaguewide honours.

It really does show a character flaw. To be unable to go humbly into the West without flaunting his gifts. I mean really and truly? Isn't it enough Jaro that you make more money? Isn't it enough that you get unquestioned starter status? That you don't have to deal with the boo-cheer roller coaster? Can't you just leave Carey to enjoy his success?

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