Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wise Readers Right On Captaincy

A while ago, I had a poll about what Andrei Markov would do when he was eventually asked about taking on the captaincy of the Canadiens.

Part 1 of our collective prediction has come to pass, and Andrei Markov has turned down the honour. What remains to be seen is who he might have suggested as his nominee (an endorsement that I would suggest makes a front runner).

We had it down to Gomez, Hamrlik and Lapierre more or less, with quite a few opting for the utterance of a few choice and undiscernable words in his native language.

Well the race is open now, and two weeks from today we should have some idea who was nominated, who turned down and who won the voting.

Well done with part one though readers, a good read on our Russian talisman.

And so wise ones, who to be captain then?

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