Thursday, September 17, 2009

Puck Daddy Habs Hits

Another season preview for you (mercifully briefer than mine), this time from Puck Daddy.

There are many reasons to go and give it a quick read. For one thing, Puck Daddy knows his hockey:

"Barring an epic failure in Gainey's reassembling this team, the Habs are still better than the Senators, Sabres (though it's close) and Leafs, but not as good as the Bruins."

and he knows Montreal:

(On "progress" made):"From statistic regression in players like Tomas Plekanec to the sophomore washout of Carey Price"

In fact, he's so familiar that he's even privy to the unspoken guidelines imposed by all Montreal media this fall for writing about Habs goaltending. Though his mention of Jaroslav Halak probably triples the amount of ink spilled on the goalie this September:

Jaroslav Halak remains with Montreal, either as a safety net for the goaltending position or trade bait as a pending RFA.

Greg still managed to make sure the requisite 99.4% about Price margin was hit.

Another good reason to visit Puck Daddy's preview is because you'll find it's another place to get a fix of old fashioned LIW optimism. Greg asked me to contribute a line or two for the preview. Better than my take, which you all know anyway, are the wildly optimistic Dennis Kane:

"What to expect from this year's Canadiens? I expect lots. I expect Carey Price to have grown mentally five years over the summer..."

and the responses of the other bloggers. I want to get an address for Don Draper's blog, because he's summed up my feelings in more ways than one:

"Well, that's just it. The whole safer cigarette thing is over. No more doctors. No more testimonials. No more cough free, soothes your T-zone, low tar, low nicotine, filter tip, nothing. All I have is a crush proof box and a Montreal goalie with a 3.11 goals against average in the playoffs."

But don't stop there.

While we're praising the guy, Puck Daddy had another piece I wanted to send you to, just this very week. The article was entitled: The Habs/Leafs wedding: Matrimonial bliss or an unholy union?

A lot to ponder in that one. I know for certain that if I had ever suggested I wear a Canadiens sweater on my wedding day, I wouldn't now even have a wife to speak of.

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