Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Habs and Canadian Team Deadline Analysis

As part of the Score Sports Federation, I was asked to put together a short (I tried) analysis on the Canadiens coming in to March 4th.

You can find my full article here: Montreal Canadiens Deadline Profile

It includes things like players I see as expendable, untouchable and players I would target if I were Bob Gainey – help us. Please excuse the erroneous ages and nationalities (as pointed out in the comments) and Steve Begin's status (I submitted for publication before the megablockbuster that brought us Janik) – I'm afraid I rushed it for no good reason in the end.

My fellow Federationers have done their bit for their own teams as well:

Ottawa Senators Deadline Profile
Toronto Maple Leafs Deadline Profile
Calgary Flames Deadline Profile
Edmonton Oilers Deadline Profile
Vancouver Canucks Deadline Profile

Finally, I would qualify that the Metropolit pick-up does not fill the shadowing centre in my opinion, so I'd look for any of the guys I'd mentioned.

If you want to slag off my ideas like you've all been doing so well these past couple of days, please feel free to do it here if you want. I can take the hits from all angles...

On that note: Lecavalier or bust?

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