Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Deadline Day Fun

This is the day of the year for hockey analysts and for sites like Hockeybuzz.

For a bit of fun, I thought I'd point you to somewhere where things are actually happening today – the web – to distract you from where they might not be – any GM's office. It's been a while since Hockeybuzz has received a good bash from us here...

Based on information from an inside source (T1), I have received the following confidential information about the website. Apparently, Hockeybuzz for their part have are removing all stops for the deadline focused through the use of a strategic three-point plan:

1) Make the website uglier
In anticipation of their biggest audience yet, the crack team decided to remove all content and downgrade their look

2) Try and up their trade prediction proficiency
According to Hockeybuzz Hogwash has shown that Eklund and his team have been successful on a whopping 2.4% of their projections since January 2008 (before that, they were always right...)

One of his sources (a second grade math teacher) told Ek that he could do better simply by predicting that every player go to every single team – a rating of 3.3%; thereby increasing his credibility by a whopping 46%. He is piloting the idea by predicting that Jay Bouwmeester will be traded to every team and resigned by the Panthers.

3) Upgrade at every turn
Upgrade something you heard on TSN to an NHL source. Upgrade figments of the imagination to sourced material:
For Montreal here are some names that they are likely targeting:
-Ian Laperriere, Jeff Halpern, Derek Morris, and Olli Jokinen...
-Stephane Veilleux and Colby Armstrong are other possibilities.

I guess he can say likely because he did due diligence – naming two players from Quebec...

Wow, that was fun. But more fun than that even (I know, amazing) is this little toy. Sure it runs thin after about 6 trades, but that's only to show how true it is to its inspiration.

Have a good day. Hope you all last the hours of McGuire and McKenzie...

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