Friday, December 19, 2008

Mats Sundin

To Cement His Place Among Highest Paid Ever

Don't know if you knew, but Mats Sundin was a free agent. What's more he signed yesterday for some silly amount with the Vancouver Canucks (Little Sweden). I hadn't heard or read about him for so long that I'd nearly forgotten that he was the best player in the league and therefore deserved to earn more than Niklas Lidstrom, Crosby, Malkin and Ovechkin.

In fact, I shouldn't have forgotten, because if pay is the way to judge (and it must be with Keith Tkachuk perennial cup winner so high up the list, then Mats Sundin is the third best player of all time.

OK, facetiousness aside, he is a good player. And in a salary cap environment you're not a good GM if you have $10 million spare at the end of the year. So, indeed, why not sign Sundin?

Am I bitter the Habs lost out? Well I'd rather have Sundin to Lang, but not overly bitter no.

Leafs fans on the other hand have reason to be bitter. My esteemed Score Federation compatriot at Down Goes Brown explains why here.

As for the Canucks, they are "happy". Some must be. Their fans (all proudly wearing their retired number 7) will expect a lot from the team that already has shutout machine Luongo. Cup or bust.

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