Saturday, December 01, 2007

On Game Posts

After a day away, I came home to find the blog in good order. Another game, another analysis by Tobalev. Never missed a game. Rarely unready for sun-up. Strangely though today a negative comment: Terrible analysis. Nothing more.

Now I agree with Tobalev (in his reply), we can't always be right, not even close. But to be fair, if it's a terrible analysis, let's discuss why...

A blog like this one is meant to generate discussion. That's when a blog is at its best for certain. And, on a few occasions it's been some good dicussion/disagreement. In fact, when we came up with the format, we were trying to force ourselves to make decisions (that people would agree or disagree with), as opposed to a prolonged ramble.

So, let's criticise away. Criticise the play of the game (I often disagree privately). Criticse the game puck. Criticise the dome team. Criticise the analysis. Criticise the comments. And let's have a good old debate. We love the debate, almost as much as the hockey.

Go Habs Go. Go Habs Fans Go.

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