Friday, December 07, 2007

Canadiens Changes: Part 2 of 2

So Carbonneau completed Gainey's play. It looked like a good breakout move and it was...

The players added in Part 1, Lapierre and O'Byrne both brought something positive to the mix. O'Byrne may have just played himself into a ten-game tryout (fingers crossed).

And though Part 2 didn't go exactly as it would have in my dreams – Dandenault played instead of Ryder. I think the finishing move was effective. Benching Brisebois was necessary if not overdue. Re-uniting Komisarek and Markov made all the sense in the world to get the all-star back. And Streit back to defense made me a very happy blogger indeed.

Assuming Ryder is being sat to attempt to stir some emotion in him (from his comments it may take a few games for the level-headed Easterner), I may yet get my line-up on the ice.

Now, I'll throw this out for comment. Is there a third part to the changes coming?

With some of Koivu's best friends languishing in the minors and playing with their rally cars (I assume), respectively, does anyone think he hasn't had a chat with Gainey about what he thinks could help complete his 2-man line?

I submit this from Francois Gagnon as something to pin my flimsy theory to:

Aurait-il aimé revoir son ami au sein du vestiaire du Canadien. « Bob (Gainey) est du voyage, c’est à lui que tu dois poser la question », a lancé Koivu en quittant son casier le sourire aux lèvres.

Would he like to see his friend in the Habs lockerroom? "Bob Gainey's the one you should be asking", said Koivu while leaving his locker with a smile on his face.

Koivu would probably be happier with one of Recchi or Selanne. Would Kovalev? Would Carbonneau?

Would you?

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