Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Not buying the hype on Price

Many comments on the Canadiens Leafs game last night. Most had one thing in common: praise heaped on our 20-year-old rookie Carey Price. Things like:

"Kept us in the game"

"Only player who showed up"

"Stole the points"

All the usual stuff.

I might be tempted to buy all the hype myself. But for now I'll listen to someone a little closer to the situation who is not buying all the hype at all:

Carey himself (from Francois Gagnon's blog):

« J’ai fait quelques bons arrêts, c’est vrai, mais ne vous laissez pas déjouer par le nombre de tirs. Ils venaient de loin, ils venaient d’angles restreints et mes coéquipiers se sont bien occupés des rebonds », assurait Carey Price.

"I made a few good saves, but don't be let yourselves be fooled by the number of shots (he could have said "yet again" if he wanted here...). They were coming from severe angles and my teammates were on top of the rebounds."

Price will have his time. We needn't worry. He's solid. He'll be big and good for years. There's no need to pretend he's the league's best goalie now.

What's more, how many more times is Mike Komisarek gonna play as well as he did and have the chance to score the game winner on a breakaway in OT against the Leafs in Toronto.

Here's to you Mike.

And to you Carey... for having your head screwed on so darn straight.

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