Saturday, November 03, 2007

Introducing Koivu, Habs announcer

Now that everyone else has weighed in on the Koivu affair, it seems like among the bloggers at least, Koivu is well respected and lawyer Guy is not.

To be expected I suppose.

While Koivu didn't score a hat trick as I asked him to. He did put in a mighty fine performance in both hockey and language for the night.

So who else can we get to complain about his language skills?

Hi knowledge of the language could be inversely proportional to the number of points he gets...

Maybe Italian Montrealers are feeling disenfranchised and would like a little bit of the intro in Italian next time. Koivu 5 goals.

Or, for the Greeks, Koivu could welcome them to the Bell Centre and announce each goal in their native tongue. Koivu 11 points, NHL record.

Who knows. Just don't get him to do it in Finnish then.

Let's go Habs. Big game tonight. I hope Koivu can bring some more of Thursday's energetic erformance to the table.

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