Friday, August 10, 2007

New Canadiens website

How about the new Canadiens website? It's nice.

Now we have Saku, Higgins and Markov as our three faces on the entry page. Pretty accurate, I'd say. If you asked for 3 players I would describe the current Habs with, it would most definitely be those three.

It did mean removing Kovalev and Huet, which made me think it must be the first time since the beginning of Habs websites that a goalie hasn't been featured up front. It's a bit harsh on ole Cristobal, mind you, as he was an all-star for 50 games worth of a season. Kovalev has fallen out of favour with the fans, so it's not really surprising he's gone. I don't think it really matters whether he is there or not. He's a three-game streak away from reinstatement as the Habs fan darling. A goal like he scored against the US in the WC for the Habs would go a long way in helping that too.

Speaking of the Habs website, an article they posted yesterday about the up and coming players got me thinking: is Corey Locke done for good?

The little man sure put on the jets for the Hamilton run, and his season wasn't exactly terrible either.

One big, obvious problem for Corey is that he will never be a third or fourth liner, so unless he can get onto one of the first two lines, he's stuck. Doesn't look good with Koivu and Plekanec already there, and the management likely in the search for someone bigger, not smaller, to fill in if anything.

His one chance would be if he played on the wing. Oh wait, he can. That's where he had all that success, riding shotgun on the Lapierre line. The guy can score and could be an asset. I've heard he needs an attitude shift, but maybe he's old enough now to give it one last good go at making it. I give him a decent chance at pulling it off and showing the folks at that he's no slouch.

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