Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kovalev spin out

It seems Alex Kovalev had a "little" accident yesterday. He lost control of the mayor of Grande Riviere's motorcycle on a trip to visit a fan there. He, of course, flew there in his own plane.

There are two sides to this story:

1) Kovalev rode a motorcycle, fell off and could have been injured. What a fool...

2) Kovalev went out of his way to visit a fan in a relatively remote part of Quebec in his holiday season.

Now that we are all relieved he is not hurt and won't affect our line combinations just as we finally worked them out, can we at least recognise that on this occasion Kovalev has gone out of his way to do something for at least one fan (although the mayor sounds like he may be the new biggest fan...)

I for one wouldn't expect any player in the spotlight for the whole year to spend his quiet time roaming the province where everyone knows his name. I haven't heard of the other Habs doing this (though I'm sure several do). Kovalev is not from Quebec and could be spending his time pretty much anywhere else, but he's in Gaspe visiting Habs (and admittedly Kovalev) fans.

I think this story shows a side of the player we don't often hear about. The Kovalev who coasts on the ice (because he can coast faster than most skate) does care about the Habs and their fans.

Credit where credit's due!

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