Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lions in Winter Back on Blogspot

Hello everyone.

Those of you that have been looking for Habs news may have noticed that one of our urls here at Lions in Winter (.ca) brings you to a dead page.

Without getting into too much detail about it, between myself and the Score (with whom ties were cut more than a year ago now), we have ended up with a situation where we own the domain but have not got it hosted and unlocked and all that stuff I don't really understand that well. That's the bad news.

The good news is that Lions in Winter is not dead, it is merely back to its old home on blogger, where its always been anyway with some redirection to obscure that for a while.

I believe that those of you that rely on feeds and twitter will see all of the conten that we publish anyway (which is not a lot recently -- blame my work and the NHL's lack of work for that). But for those who rely on bookmarks and typing urls, then it will take a tweak in behaviour.
For a bookmark, the right url is Regardless of what happens with the domain, this will remain active because we will simply redirect as before.

The same goes for typing in the url.

I personally apologise for the inconvenience of this. I am mostly to blame for lapses in my dealings with the Score and holes in my understanding of what it means to run a unique domain. I am looking to put things back to status quo. With any luck, I'll be quicker than Bill Daly and Steve Fehr and the majority of readers won't have noticed a blip on the return of hockey.


As for content, I am flooded with ideas, but short on time. Perhaps the Christmas holidays, with the promise of spending more than a week at home will allow for the return of thoughts on hockey.

Once the season returns we plan to be there too.

Enjoy the holidays, the junior hockey that continues and the ongoing sport of the negotiations. See you all soon.

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